Join us this Sunday!

We normally meet 10am at the Centre Communautaire Sainte-Anne (715 Priestman St. Fredericton). Our meeting usually lasts around an hour and forty-five minutes. Each week we gather to worship God,  preach a message from the Bible. We dress casual, so come as you are and experience what God has for you in a comfortable and inviting environment.


Jesus Christ is central to all that we do.

We believe that the only way to truly live is to recognize Jesus' centrality in all things. We were created by Jesus and for Jesus, and only by living in light of that truth, and making Jesus the centre of our life, do we find purpose. If you're new to Christ Central, we would love to get to know you better. If you'd like to know more information about our church feel free to email us at

Our mission is to make Christ central

in our lives, in our church, and in the world.


    We are called to receive Jesus Christ as our Redeemer, Savior and Lord, and to acknowledge Him as the source of our life, the Rock upon which our whole life is built, and our hope for eternal life.


    We are called to honour Jesus Christ as the Head of Christ Central Church, His person and work being the source of our worship, the foundation of our message, and our union together as His body.


    We are called to go and proclaim the message of Christ in our city and beyond, to all nations, so that more people will receive Christ as central in their lives, looking forward to the day when He unites all things in Himself.

We'd love to meet you!

Christ Central Church is located in Fredericton, New Brunswick. If you're from Fredericton or you're just visiting our beautiful city, please stop by to say hi. We love meeting new people and we would love to meet you!

Sunday Morning Meeting: Centre communautaire Sainte-Anne (715 Priestman St. Fredericton NB E3B 3B8)

Office Mailing Address: 140 Clark St Fredericton NB E3A 2W7

Phone: 506-474-3172        Email: