We were created by Jesus and for Jesus, and only by living in light of that truth, and making Jesus the centre of our life, do we find purpose.


Our mission is to make Christ central in our lives, in our church, and in the world.

Being friends, enjoying God together

We believe that the church should be marked both by friendship with Jesus and friendship with each other. As we partner together on mission we find comfort, encouragement, support, forgiveness, and can laugh and cry together and enjoy God’s grace even in the midst of great trials. Our friendships extend beyond our local church to other churches in our community and across the nations.

Building churches empowered by Word and Spirit

We believe that the church is a passionate community that is empowered by both God’s Word and His Spirit. As individuals we should live Spirit-filled lives and have the Word of God dwell in us richly. As we come together our desire is to both experience the manifest presence of the Holy Spirit in our meetings, working in us and pouring out His gifts for the common good, and faithfully preach, hear, and submit to the powerful Word of God.

Advancing the kingdom, transforming the world

We believe that the church is the vehicle through which the kingdom of God advances. More than just a community of believers, the church is the display of the manifold wisdom of God and a witness to the world that God is here among us, establishing His reign of love, compassion, justice, and truth. Our desire then is to see God glorified, the truth proclaimed, the poor served, the sick healed, the oppressed liberated, cultures transformed and every area of life touched by the gospel until Jesus returns to establish His kingdom fully and forever. 

Reaching the nations, making disciples

As a church our vision is to reach people in both our local community and around the world with the Gospel. We are able to carry this out through the nations coming to us and through us going to the nations. We seek to be a church that not only grows numerically and in maturity, but also in diversity. It is our desire to be a multicultural church where people from all tribes, peoples, and languages can worship the Lord together. We seek to be a sending church where leaders are raised up and sent out to Atlantic Canada and beyond to plant strong, healthy churches. In both of these things, it is our prayer that God would give us the grace to make His saving power known among all nations.